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About the Graduate
Ramona F.

Data minimization digital carbon footprint reduction

Ramona proposes a data minimization process to reduce the amount of online storage use, the costs involved and the digital carbon footprint of a company.

Data minimization digital carbon footprint reduction
Big Idea

More than half of the digital data companies generate is collected, processed, and stored for single-use purposes and often it is never reused. Retaining data longer than necessary takes up unnecessary storage space, costs more than needed and increases the company’s digital carbon footprint. The project’s objective is to reduce the digital carbon footprint of companies through a simple process like data minimization, which consists of a general clean-up process, indexing process, identifying cold data, and setting up retention rules.
Most of the means and tools necessary for this process are already found within the company, the only actions needed are employee training and usage of new software.

Success Metrics

- 15% - 65% decrease in data storage and a significant reduction of the company's digital carbon footprint by removing excessive unnecessary data from the cloud.
- The process shouldn't take more than 60 days to be completed. Every employee will be aware of the new data retention rules and follow them accordingly. The data storage will be clean and tidy, and up to date.

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