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Co-create impact to advance a greener future

Does your organization support jobseekers who are looking to embed sustainability into their career paths? ​Are you looking for ways to equip the next generation workforce with future-proof skills for our greening economy?

Partner with us to offer the
Green Digital Skills Certificate program. Together we can advance a greener future.
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Why Green Digital Skills?

Green Skills: (n) skills that enable the environmental sustainability of economic activities ​

↑ Greening Economy

= ↑Greening Jobs

= ↑ Demand for Talent with Green Skills ​


The International Labour Organization predicts that 24 million new jobs will be created by the green economy by 2030, globally.


Companies are increasing efforts to broaden the scope of sustainability while continuing to innovate in our digital economy - meaning better career prospects for jobseekers with green digital skills.

What does it mean to be a Green Digital Skills partner?

PROMOTE: Spread the word & amplify the outreach through social media and info sessions

OUTREACH: Connect with and invite your communities to join the Green Digital Skills Certificate Program

CO-CREATE IMPACT: Propose to us any other ways you would like to collaborate, build synergies, and advance a greener future!

What is provided for Green Digital Skills partners?

  • Communications kit & social media templates, co-branded with INCO, Microsoft, and LinkedIn

  • Global network of nonprofit partners committed to developing a greener workforce

  • Access to the online Green Digital Skills Certificate courses

  • Pragmatic instructional support for your learners

Join the Green Digital Skills

partner program today.

Working Together
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