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Aplicar de forma práctica los conocimientos adquiridos para construir un proyecto medioambiental -una Huella Verde- para mejorar un producto, servicio o proceso de su elección para que sea más sostenible.

Data minimization digital carbon footprint reduction

Ramona proposes a data minimization process to reduce the amount of online storage use, the costs involved and the digital carbon footprint of a company.

Green web design school for migrant women

In her Greenprint, GDS Graduate Grecia proposes a green web design school for migrant women in Denmark to equip them with in-demand digital sustainability skills and better enable them to join the workforce.

Maya Chatbot for sustainable solutions

In her Greenprint, Gloria puts forward the Maya Chatbot, which provides individuals looking to live more sustainably with specific answers to questions about sustainable and green approaches that are tailored to your local area.

Sustainable design principles in app development

GDS Graduate Mirta's Greenprint aims to reduce her app's digital carbon footprint by implementing sustainable design practices, especially in its illustrations, graphic design, and UI/UX design.

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