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About the Graduate
Grecia B.

Green web design school for migrant women

In her Greenprint, GDS Graduate Grecia proposes a green web design school for migrant women in Denmark to equip them with in-demand digital sustainability skills and better enable them to join the workforce.

Green web design school for migrant women
Big Idea

Even in a developed country like Denmark, an ethnic Danish woman’s career is affected by motherhood. Now, think about the challenges faced b y a migrant who doesn’t speak the local language and is raising children while trying to find a job. The tech industry has the most remote work opportunities, and as it advances by leaps and bounds, the demand for a workforce with a high awareness of environmental care is imperative. Through free workshops, GDS Graduate Grecia B. proposes to equip migrant women with technical green skills to build a more equitable world, and help the only planet we have.

Success Metrics

- Number of students enrolled in workshops and community engagement
- Positive outcomes - job placement, increased understanding of sustainability, increased confidence, etc. - as a result of the program
- Number of volunteers committed to further expansion

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